The Social Network: a revelation!!!!

The Social Network is a kick-ass movie because, let's face it, it has the best dialogue in cinema's history since... forever! I like wits and more particularly Mark who can cut you to the spinal morrow with just a few well-placed sanguine words.

So, obviously, I turn to fandom for more and  I've become a huge fan of The Social Network fics!!! Mostly Mark/Eduardo but also Mark/Tyler or Mark/Cameron or Eduardo/Cameron.

On the tsn_kinkmeme, which hold most of the fics, there's a lot of prompt for Girl!Mark, which works better for some reason, in fiction than Girl!Wardo. However, aetshetically Girl!Wardo works better than Girl!Mark.

So, I did Mark first, for fun. Not very well done. Than I did Wardo and I'm proud of how it turns out.

Here it goes.

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So, enjoy

Godric as a human

I had this idea of Godric, after meeting the True Death, having the choice between fading into nothingness (= hell. No, God is not a sadist who rost his creation if they fail him. He just erase them.) or to go back on Earth as a human to atone for his sins ( see: milleniums of slaugher, being a vampire for dummies).

So, of course Godric choose to go back! (and maybe run into Eric in the process. Make me want a fic for this made by someone who agree that "2000 years of faith and love" is the slashest canon-remark ever!!!!  :D).
Here's what he would look like with a bit of color on his face and a real hair-cut:

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Edmund and Caspian head into battle

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Credit: The style of the fanart is inspired by another fanart saw on 'Box of Magic', a Merlin community.

Notes: I wanted to do a fanart for ours boys in their Voyage of the Dawn Treader' clothes but couldn't find enought pictures of them to feel confident about dressing them approprietedly.
So, I put in their 'Prince Caspian' 's clothes and their positions felt more accurate for this movie.

I imagine Edmund, all dutyfull and kingly, saying "Peril awaits! Let's go slay these vilains."
And Caspain follow along thinking "He's so dreamy..." :D

Take you sword out, Caspian, before you get beheaded!